End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s)

If you have an old vehicle that has reached the end of its life, where do you dispose of it?

There have been some instances where unsafe vehicles have been sold on to new owners. These are dangerous and usually illegal cars and vans that should not be on the road. If you dispose of your vehicle the wrong way and it’s your name on the registration documents, this can lead to all sorts of legal problems and fines for you!

To secure yourself against this, you need to be issued with a Certificate of Destruction, which alleviates you from the responsibility of the vehicle concerned. At Foulds Metals we are equipped with a properly licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) to protect you against any fines and legal issues.

Foulds Metals is fully recognised by both the Environment Agency and the DVLA. A considerable amount of investment in amenities and staff training has been made by the proprietor in order to satisfy all relevant authorities and allow our business to operate. Environmental Protection legislation brought in by the government has changed all the rules surrounding End of Life Vehicle Disposal. Today, cash payments for disposal vehicles are illegal to discourage criminal activity such as metal theft. Payment will therefore be made by bank transfer (next working day) to your account.


The vehicle dismantling procedure

When you dispose of a vehicle through us, you will be paid for its scrap value by the aforementioned bank transfer. Your vehicle will then be collected and brought to our ATF for dismantling and safe disposal. A unique permit code is securely issued by the DVLA to Foulds Metals, which allows you to be issued with a Certificate Of Destruction (COD). The COD will be posted onto you or the last registered owner after de-pollution has been completed and will absolve you of any responsibility for the vehicle concerned. This also ensures that there is no chance of your old car or van returning to the road.

Vehicles are produced from a range of materials that can be hazardous to the environment. They can contain hazardous fluids such as fuel, oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant etc; not to mention battery acid, potentially dangerous glass and tyres. Disregarded fluids are captured in sealed tanks to make sure that no toxic substances enter the mains drainage system or the environment. All this hazardous waste is carefully removed by a fully trained ELV technician. All our technicians have to pass an exhaustive selection process and meet the strict operational criteria.

These processes all contribute to the vehicle being completely de-polluted and all that remains is for the metals to be recycled.

Here in the Fylde, the long established Foulds Metals Ltd is your local End of Life Vehicle ATF. Stay safe and legal by taking your old scrap vehicle to Foulds Metals Limited on Siding Road, Fleetwood (FY7 6NS) alternatively if you would like to have it collected, please call us on (01253) 874642.